thisiswander: Michael BehymerSan Francisco, CAFuji…


Michael Behymer
San Francisco, CA
Fuji X-Ti

Michael, you’re not only an amazing photographer but also a very inspirational person to us all. Please tell us how your photography portrays your perception of the world?

Photography is a way to escape from our everyday lives. It gives us a reason to travel to new places for something exciting; it also gives us an excuse to go back to areas that we have been thousands of times in hopes of discovering something new.

My perception of the world is no different than anyone else’s. I just happen to have a camera. I like beautiful things and when I see beauty I like to capture it and keep it for myself. Photography has taught me an important lesson: everyday beauty will pass us by if we don’t actively seek it. This not only applies to photos, but everyday people. It isn’t simply the overall picture that makes something attractive, it is the individual parts that add up to make that something beautiful. 

Tumblr: @mbphotograph
Instagram: @michael_and_kobe


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